Friday, 17 June 2011

Our level editor

Rhys has been working on a level editor for the past two days and has nearly completed it. We can add multiple sized platforms and the animals. You can place platforms with the buttons/entering the pixel value or using the mouse. You can also increase the size of the level and navigate the level using the buttons, the previewer for the game screen is the same resolution as the windows phone 7. You can also save and load levels into the editor, it saves them as text files which can be read into the game to draw the levels. Next to add is the level objects! Well done Rhys!

Click to enlarge!

Latest images from week one at dare to be digital

Final Apollo the Lion concept:-

Final Molly the Giraffe concept:-

Final Isaac the Elephant concept:-

Final Mo the Monkey concept:- 

New game-screen with character select buttons and a pause button (the paws in the corner!)