Wednesday, 20 July 2011


It's been a while since we've posted last as we were preparing for the focus testing on 15/07 and trying to get every feature we could!

We have finished all of our animations, made our tutorial level, finished all of the animal mechanics, added particle effects for hints. For the coming week we will finish the user interface and the game state manager (which allows you to resume the game if the game is interrupted by a phone call the user hitting a button accidentally) also we are finalising level art so we can have nice parallax scrolling backgrounds.

Stu has begun working on our trailer ready for Nathan (Our sound/Music guy) to add some glorious tunes ready for Protoplay. Nathan has also began working on sounds for our game which will really polish the gameplay coupled with the animations!

Thanks to our focus testers, we have found bugs and issues that we did not find so this week we will be ironing out the bugs and issues to polish up what we have already!

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