Monday, 4 July 2011

week 2 + 3 progress

The past two weeks have been very difficult, a broken level editor and a glitchy SVN.

But thankfully we managed to fix these problems, The SVN trunk kept adding random files and lines of code that stopped the IDE from compiling and the level editor was corrupted possibly from disk transfer but we had multiple back-ups!

So far we now have GUI selection using the buttons and the camera smoothly moves to the character, We also have all the camera controls implemented. We have fully working physics and now have the elephant draining pools of water and spraying it using particle effects, The animals cannot pass areas where there are monsters in until the lion has roared. The monkey now can climb vines. The level editor now has images so it is visually easier and can also add in game objects and create triggers. 

So far we have approximately 1/2 of the animations these being key animations ready for focus testing. We also have outsourced Nathan Palmer to do the music for our game and trailer so we should have a trailer soon!

In the coming week we will finish movement, Special abilities, GUI and hopefully the animations, Were hoping to start work on level art and layout this week.

We have met many people from the industry the past three weeks each with priceless opinions that have helped us make decisions and changes for the better, We have met :-

-Tony Colgan, Senior Engineer & Tone Brennan, Senior Producer from Outplay Entertainment.

-Kory Vandenberg, Designer at Blitz Games Studios.

-Chris Brown, Lead Artist & Steven Lewis, Lead Designer from Crytek.

-Billy Thomson, Creative Director & Stuart Campbell, Art Lead from Ruffian Games.

-Eevi Korhonen, Development Assistant from Denki.

-Andrew Dennison, Lead Programmer, & Mike Nimmo, Senior Programmer from Codemasters.

-Daniel Leyden, Technical Manager, Michael McDonald, Senior Programmer/Design & Colin Gordon, Senior Artist from Cobra Mobile.

-James Sweatman, Games Designer & Peter Spence, Artist, Jagex.

Thanks guys for your advice!

-Today (or tomorrow depending on which way they go around) we will see Tony Colgan and Tone Brennan again from Outplay Entertainment and later this week we will see the return of Chris Brown and Steven Lewis from Crytek hopefully they will see our progress!

-We are also seeing Imran Sarwar, Associate Producer & Ross Wallace, Lead Level Designer from Rockstar North later this week!

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